I create videos. All of these videos are edited by me. The content can vary from drama, documentary, social media and advertising. I have been a cinematographer, an editor and a (really bad) actor.
I make graphics. I design and animate graphics using Illustrator and After Effects. The designs incorporate modernist, 2D graphics and are primarily for branding and infographics.

The carnage started back in 2006. My grandfather was the centre of a Japanese television education show and the crew asked me if I wanted to be a part of the production. I said yes...

After the experience of running towards cameras, I then wanted a camera and editing software for my birthday. I asked, I received, and oh boy...


The years between 2007 and 2011 were filled with almost impossible-to-watch home movies with my younger siblings in front of the camera. This was about the same time I found YouTube and YouTube Poops; the faster-paced, heavy edited style that would become an iconic standpoint in my videos (and sense of humour).


In 2012, my high school had a student production. It was a western story and I honestly hated almost every bit of it. The production was partly musical and I couldn't sing for crap (and let's be honest, I only wanted to do it to become a student leader the next year because of the previous odds). I did, however, enjoy getting behind the scenes video footage and secretly editing the footage together in my style. It was the first video presented to the public that wasn't a complete ass.


Within the same year, I met Cimeon. We (at the time) were both Bronies, and I just brought my camera to school. I filmed him doing random things and I would take it home and do that editing thing I'm so fond of. As a result, No Good FRIDAYS was born. Also... "SIX NEWS" became a thing; thanks, Bryn :)


Throughout the last year of high school and the two years at the next school, I assisted staff in the creation of videos showcasing events and achievements of the school; the most popular of these was the Carnival Videos and DON TV.

Also in 2014 was the creation of the SCHOOL Show, a spiritual successor of No Good FRIDAYS, except there was no definite host and the videos were a whole lot more random.


Other projects like advertising spots for Events Tasmania, Department of Health and Human Services Tas, Don College Association Inc and Central Coast Council have also been made.


Recent achievements are my graduation from the University of Canberra.

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